About CITA

‘Christ is the Answer Secretarial and Computer Training Institute’ was launched in 1999 to provide secretarial and computer skills training for disadvantaged young people from the Volta region of Ghana, in West Africa.

CITA is registered as a private school with the Ghana Education Service and is registered as a charitable organisation with the Ghana Department of Social Welfare.  

It also has a United Kingdom based Charitable Trust.

To date, more than 60 young people have benefited from the training that CITA provides.  They have all been able to find employment and in some cases, further education opportunities after graduating from the institute.

CITA is overseen by a five member board of eminent men and women with wide experience in education and is managed by a principal who is an experienced teacher in vocational skills.  Under the principal are computer and secretarial department heads.  The institute employs 7 teachers and staff.

The work is currently funded by charitable donations and corporate support.